Tuovi Kankainen
Pitfalls in the Calibration of Radiocarbon Ages

LA6.Kankainen (2363 Kb)

Ingrid U. Olsson
The Conventional Radiocarbon Laboratory in Uppsala and Icelandic Archaeology

LA6.Olsson.I.U (3194 Kb)

Berit Sigvallius
Sacrificed Animals in Iron Age Cremations from Middle Sweden

LA6.Sigvallius (2894 Kb)

Rita Larje
Osteological evidence of Change in Butchering Technique

LA6.Larje (4152 Kb)

Eva Olsson
The Grödinge Investigations - an example of Interdisciplinary Study and Collaboration

LA6.Olsson.E (3191 Kb)

Elisabeth Grönlund, Leena Kivinen and Heikki Simola
Pollen Anatytical evidence for Bronze-Age Cultivation in Eastern Finland

LA6. Grönlund.Kivinen,Simola (3274 Kb)

Elisabeth Grönlund & Eveliina Asikainen
Reflections of Slash-and-burn Cultivation cycles in a Varved Sediment of Lake Pitkätampi (North Karelia, Finland)

LA6.Grönlund.Asikainen (3549 Kb)

Sverre Bakkevig
Prehistoric Cereal Raising at Forsandmoen, South-Western Norway:
Changes between the Bronze Age and the Iron Age

LA6.Bakkevig (4447 Kb)

Martha Goodway
Archaeometallurgy: Emerging Practices

LA6.Goodway (3690 Kb)

Sven Isaksson
Stuck by Technology

LA6.Isaksson (6189 Kb)

Birgit Arrhenius & Henry Freij
”Pressbleck" fragments from the East Mound in OId Uppsala analysed with a Laser Scanner

LA6.Arrhenius.Freij (24836 Kb)