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workshop mammals

Second meeting of the ICAZ (International Council of Archaeozoology) Marine Mammal Working Group

In September 2019 the second meeting of the ICAZ (International Council of Archaeozoology) Marine Mammal Working Group MMWG will be organized at the University of Cambridge by Aikaterini Glykou (Coordinator of the MMWG, Stockholm University) together with James Barrett (McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge).

bone trade

New work investigating how to ethically advance the use of machine learning to track online crime

An increasing number of research projects seek to use machine learning and computer vision for a wide variety of image classification tasks, not just within archaeological, forensic or art crime research. However, many ethical considerations are raised in the use of these technologies especially where online or social media data is concerned (even when the data is publicly available and kept anonymous).

social learning

A new computational theory of social learning in animals

Associative mechanisms can result in transfer of information and behaviour from experienced to naive individuals. A new model and results from the Centre for Cultural Evolution show that associative processes supported by genetic predisposition can account for most types of social learning processes found in nonhuman animals.

Utlysning av två doktorandtjänster inom arkeologi

Institutionen för arkeologi och antikens kultur utlyser två doktorandtjänster. Sista ansökningsdag: 2019-04-15.

narva keramik

Kokkärl och matkultur kring Östersjön på jägarstenåldern

I en ny studie har forskare vid Arkeologiska forskningslaboratoriet, Stockholms universitet, och vid Tartu universitet i Estland, påvisat att olika keramikstilar runt södra Östersjön motsvarat olika matkulturer redan för 6-7000 år sedan.

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