J17.Editorial (182 Kb)

Sven Isaksson
Food for thought: On the culture of food and the interpretation of ancient
subsistence data

J17.Isaksson (1543 Kb)

Jonas Binladen & Eske Willerslev
Why study ancient DNA damage?

J17.Binladen.Willerslev (1400 Kb)

Richard E. Hughes, Anders Högberg & Deborah Olausson
Sourcing flint from Sweden and Denmark: A pilot study employing
non-destructive energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry

J17.Hughes.et.al (1606 Kb)

Roland Schwab, Inga Ullén & Christian-Heinrich Wunderlich
A sword from Vreta Kloster, and black patinated bronze in Early Bronze Age

J17.Schwab.et.al (1889 Kb)

Lisbeth Prøsch-Danielsen & Rolf Sørensen
333 years of copper mining in the Røros region of the Mid-Scandic highlands:
Written sources versus natural archives

J17.Prosch.Danielsson.Sorensen (2008 Kb)

Anna-Kaisa Puputti
Bones in pits and ditches: A contextual approach to animal bone distribution
in Early Modern Tornio

J17.Puputti (1630 Kb)

Yuri B. Tstelin
Ceramic investigations in Russia: Scientific approaches, pottery production
structure, modern possibilities and some research results

J17.Tsetlin (1864 Kb)

Elena Garcia-Guixé, Maria Eulàlia Subirà, Ricard Marlasca & Michael P. Richards
δ13C and δ15N in ancient and recent fish bones from the Mediterranean Sea

Garcia.Gurxé.et.al (1549 Kb)