Editorial (29 Kb)

Tony Engström & Mikael Johansson
The use of terrestrial laser scanning in archaeology: Evaluation of a Swedish project, with two examples

Engstrom&JohanssonJ16 (1006 Kb)

Patrick Degryse, Jens Schneider, Veerle Lauwers, Marc Waelkens & Philippe Muchez
Radiogenic isotopes in the provenance determination of raw materials: A case of lead and glass recycling at Sagalassos (SW Turkey)

Degryse.et.al.J16 (709 Kb)

Björn Lindeke, Bo Ohlson, Lars Einarsson & Max Jahrehorn
Gilded pills in the medical chest on board the warship Kronan

Lindeke.et.al.J16 (570 Kb)

Barbro Blehr
Working, moving, visiting, On the quality of everyday rituals

Blehr.J16 (550 Kb)

Torun Zackrisson
The mirage and the hillfort: Iron age landscape and material culture on Stora Karlsö

Zackrisson.J16 (952 Kb)

Nicky Milner
Mesolithic consumption practices: Food for thought

Milner.J16 (1528 Kb)

Björn Hjulström
A settlement in transformation: Local typology at Lida äng settlement, Södermanland, Sweden, c. 100 BC-AD 550

Hjulstrom.J16 (1614 Kb)