Masteruppsatser 2017



Emelie Jörgensen, The importance of natural light in recreational buildings: A comparative study of the Small Baths at Hadrian’s Villa with the texts of Vitruvius and Plinius the Younger

Adam Norberg, Analyzing Ritual Space within the Roman Cult of Mithras during the examples of Santa Prisca, Walbrook, and Carrawburgh



Alexander Svedberg, A Question of Style: Re-interpreting a Group of Early Hellenistic Terracotta Urns from Etruscan Volterra

Angelica Landgren, Metalworking at Panhellenic Sanctuaries: An Interpretation of the finds with Emphasis on the Sanctuary at Isthmia



Gaspar Aucahuasi Bonet, Djuroffer och krigföring i Xenophons Anabasis

Alexia Miltiadous-Johansson, Housing and Households in the Ancient Greek and Roman World. A comparative analysis of artifact assemblages derived from domestic settings at Olynthos and in Pompeii



Robin Rönnlund, The use of space in ancient Greek akrópoleis: An analysis and critique of modern interpretations

Therese Paulsson, Building E in Sanctuary of Poseidon at Kalaureia. An Architectural Study Based on Recent Fieldwork

Helena Meskanen, Epithets, Myths and Dedications: Aspects of Artemis and the Peloponnese


Richard Olsson, Vattenanvändningen i antikens Pompeji