Building studies fall too often into the disciplinary gaps between architectural history, archaeology and social anthropology. The Buildings in Society International conference is an attempt bridge those gaps, to draw from all these approaches and examine how people have created buildings and responded to them.

The first event in the series was organized by University of Aarhus, Denmark in December 2010. Four years later this was followed by another conference at Queen´s University, Belfast, UK. We are now happy to invite you to the third interdisciplinary conference in this series, this time in Stockholm, Sweden.

The previous conferences have convincingly shown that the study of medieval and early modern buildings benefits from an interdisciplinary approach, and also from a broad chronological and geographic perspective. They have furthermore revealed the importance of social and societal contexts when working with buildings.

The forthcoming conference would like to examine how people have been creating and using buildings, how they have responded to them, and how the buildings have been perceived. It will consider a diversity of built constructions - including dwellings and public buildings, sheds and manor houses, secular and sacral structures.

Contact: Dr Göran Tagesson (The Archaeologists, Natinal Historical Museums, Linköping)

Please send the registration form (93 Kb) to:
Your registration will be completed when the conference fee, 1500 SEK, is paid. All the meals that are listed in the program, including the conference dinner, are included in this, as well as the entrance ticket to the open air museum Skansen. The number of participants is limited to 60. Registration closes after 24th of Mars, 2017.

A program is now available. Program (118 Kb)

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Organizing committee
Göran Tagesson (The Archaeologists, Natinal Historical Museums, Linköping)
Andrine Nilsen (University of Gothenburg)
Linda Qviström (University of Stockholm)