Foreword (125 Kb)

Kerstin Lidén
A dietary perspective on Swedish hunter-gatherer and Neolithic populations: An analysis of stable isotopes and trace elements

LA9.Liden (1768 Kb)

Gunilla Eriksson
δ13C and δ15N studies of prehistoric diet: Recent applications and developments

LA9.Eriksson (723 Kb)

Einar Østmo, Birgitta Hulthén & Sven Isaksson
The Middle Neolithic settlement at Auve

LA9.Ostmo.Hulthen.Isaksson (937 Kb)

Sven Isaksson
A protocol for the analysis of lipid residues in connection with prehistoric food habits

LA9.Isaksson (683 Kb)

Martha Goodway & Yuyan Chen
The Fröslunda shields: Cymbals or symbols?

LA9.Goodway.Chen (339 Kb)

Anders Götherström & Kerstin Lidén
A modified DNA extraction method for bone and teeth

LA9.Gotherstrom.Liden (261 Kb)

Kjell Persson
Phosphate test strips: A new equipment for direct soil-phosphate field analysis

LA9.Persson (362 Kb)

Ann-Marie Hansson
Bread in Birka and on Björkö

LA9.Hansson (1696 Kb)

Anita Malmius
Tortoise brooches, textile impressions and textiles

LA9.Malmius (845 Kb)

Oksana Minaeva
The cup of Sivin from Preslav, Bulgaria

LA9.Minaeva (607 Kb)

Gustaf Trotzig
Complementary investigation of the Dune cup – a close parallel to the cup of Sivin

LA9.Trotzig (192 Kb)

Birgit Arrhenius
The twentieth anniversary of the Archaeological Research Laboratory at Stockholm University
LA9.Arrhenius (767 Kb)