Foreword (72 Kb)

Ann-Marie Hansson
Grain-paste, porridge and bread: Ancient cereal-based food

LA7.Hansson (1518 Kb)

Ann-Marie Hansson and Sven Isaksson
Analyses of charred organic remains

LA7.Hansson.Isaksson (842 Kb)

Karin Viklund
The long history of Swedish bread: Continuity and change in Swedish regional bread-cereal traditions

LA7.Viklund (611 Kb)

Mats Regnell
Charrred plant remains from Brogård, south-western Sweden: New information on Early Bronze Age farming

LA7.Regnell (664 Kb)

Helena Forshell
Early metellurgy in parts of Eurasia

LA7.Forshell (1364 Kb)

Frands Herschend
Estimating the length of a period by means of 14C-tests

LA7.Herschend (1554 Kb)

Gertrud Grenander Nyberg
Looms for linen

LA7.Grenander.Nyberg (280 Kb)

Birgit Arrhenius
Ongoing and recently publshed doctoral theses at the Stockholm University Archaeological research Laboratory

LA7.Arrhenius (88 Kb)