Society and Settlement

Lars Larsson
Late glacial environment and Late Palaeolithic settlement in Southern Sweden

LA5.Larsson (5929 Kb)

Mervi Hjelmroos
Land-use in Central Tunisia over the last 2000 years
Preliminary results

LA5.Hjelmroos (3455 Kb)

Berit Hall
Björsjöås - A farm in the hinterland of Gothenburg

LA5.Hall (4387 Kb)

Stig Welinder
Ecofacts and the transition from systemic to archaeological context

LA5.Welinder (5198 Kb)

Andzej Golembnik
Modelling the process of stratification in Medieval urban deposits
LA5.Golembnik (6554 Kb)
Dorota Stabrowska, Jacek Choloniewski and Kazimierz Lewartowski
Statistical analysis of the inventory of layers descriptions from the archaeological site of Oslogate 6 in Oslo

LA5.Stabrowska et al (4175 Kb)

Magnus Elfwendahl and Ingemar Påhlsson
Palaeological/archaeological correlation - An example from Gävle, Sweden

LA5.Elfwendahl&Pahlsson (2233 Kb)

Jaqueline Huntley
The interpretation of botanical data from archaeological sites

LA5.Huntley (2328 Kb)

Jan E. G. Eriksson
Central places and change in Late Prehistoric and Early Medieval period in Vestfold

LA5.Eriksson (6257 Kb)

Hans-Peter Schulz
Geophysical survey at Varikkoniemi, Hämeenlinna

LA5.Schultz (5395 Kb)



Ann Segerberg, Göran Possnert, Birgit Arrhenius and Kerstin Lidén
Ceramic chronolory in view of 14C datings

LA5.Segerbergetal (6073 Kb)

Rabbe Sjöberg
Relative datings with the Schmidt test-hammer of terraced house-foundations in Forsa parish Hälsingland, Sweden

LA5.Sjoberg (4257 Kb)

Wilhjálmur örn Vilhjálmsson
Radiocarbon dating and Icelandic archaeolory

LA5.Vilhjalmsson.Orn (8270 Kb)

lngrid U. Olsson
Quality assessment of 14C dates
A report from international studies and the workshop in 1989 in Glasgow

LA5.Olsson (6834 Kb)


Ancient techniques

Eva Hjärthner-Holdar
The transition from bronze to iron in the Late Bronze Age

LA5.Hjarthner.Holdar (8957 Kb)

Ame Espelund
Characterization of bloomera slags
Morphology, composition and furnace operation

LA5.Espelund (4150 Kb)

Johan Callmer and Julian Henderson
Glassworking at Åhus, S. Sweden (eight century AD)

LA5.Callmer.Henderson (9154 Kb)

Frands Herschend
Modules in buildings - Ttvo case-studies applying Holm's measure of fit

LA5.Herchend (4786 Kb)

Erik Sperber
Balances and weights in Viking Age Sweden

LA5.Sperber (3845 Kb)



Tiiu Koff
Anthropogenic influence on the natural vegetation in Kurtna lake district (North-East Estonia)

LA5.Koff (4511 Kb)

J-M Punning
About the interpretation of the palaeogeographic data

LA5.Punning (2428 Kb)

Hans Göransson
Transition and change in pollen diagrams and pollen-charcoal diagrams at and around the Atlantic/Subboreal border

LA5.Goransson (4415 Kb)

Jan Gullman
Factors influencing the corrosion rate of metal objects

LA5.Gullman (3411 Kb)


Archaeometric methods

Sabine Sten
A method of age determination on archaeological and modern cattle (Bos taurus) by counting of tooth annuli in the cementum

LA5.Sten (3599 Kb)

K. G. Malmquist
Ion beam analysis in archaeolory:
Accelerator based techniques for non-destructive elemental analysis

LA5.Malmqvist (5022 Kb)

Peter M. Fischer, Hans Odelius and Alexander Lodding
SIMS (secondara ion mass spectrometry) Studies on archaeological material

LA5.Fischer_Odelius_Lodding (3859 Kb)