LA10_11.Foreword (42 Kb)

Ann-Marie Hansson
Achaeobotanical investigations at Vendel and Valsgärde

LA10_11.Hansson (1221 Kb)

Kjell Persson
Archaeological Prospection

LA10_11.Persson (1070 Kb)

Sven Isaksson & Anton Seiler
Landscape, settlement and visibility.
Some thought on the location of an Iron-age manor

LA10_11.Isaksson.Seiler (742 Kb)

Anton Seiler
Studies in settlement archaeology in the parish of Vendel
A preliminary report

LA10_11.Seiler (670 Kb)

Sven Isaksson
A kitchen entrance to aristocracy – analysis of lipid biomarkers in cultural layers

LA10_11.Isaksson (887 Kb)

Anders Göthersröm & Kerstin Lidén
Guidelines for work with ancient DNA developed at the Archaeological Reseach Laboratory

LA10_11.Götherström.Lidén (272 Kb)

Kerstin Lidén, Anders Götherström & Hans Ellegren
”Alia vero gens ibi moratur Suehans, quae velud Thyringi equis utuntur eximiis” or the excellent horses in Svealand

LA10_11.Lidénetal (621 Kb)

Anita Malmius
The textile fragments in boat-grave 5, Valsgärde, Old Uppsala parish, Uppland

LA10_11.Malmius (1246 Kb)

Charlotte Hedenstierna-Jonson
The study of three mounts from Vendel using laser scaning techniques and surface structure analysis

LA10_11.Hedenstierna_Jonson (330 Kb)

Niklas Stjerna
A short notice on the manufacture of copper-wire at Birka

LA10_11.Stjerna (304 Kb)

Laila Kitzler
Learning to know a Rune Carver and his cutting technique.
A method study and some results

LA10_11.Kitzler (1271 Kb)

Lena Holmquist Olausson & Anders Götherström
Sex Identification of a skeleton in a new chamber-grave from Birka

LA10_11.Holmquist_Olausson.Götherström (319 Kb)

Birgit Arrhenius
Why the king needed his own goldsmith
LA10_11.Arrhenius (256 Kb)