Editorial (38 Kb)

Felix Riede, M. L. Stig Sørensen & Hans Eiberg
Using mtDNA to evaluate pioneer colonization scenarios for early prehistoric southern
RiedeJONAS18 (168 Kb)

Elin Fornander
Dietary diversity and moderate mobility – isotope evidence from Scanian Battle Axe
Culture burials
FornanderJONAS18 (434 Kb)

Katarina Botwid
Evaluation of ceramics: Professional artisanship as a tool for archaeological interpretation

Botwid.JONAS18 (218 Kb)

Ole Stilborg, v. Attila Rostoványi & Anders Lindh
A graphite-coated early Iron Age pot from Kristineberg, Malmö
StilborgJONAS18 (102 Kb)

Ny Björn Gustafsson
Scrutinizing copper and bronze slag on Gotland: On the making and dismantling of a
category of archaeometallurgical finds
Gustafsson.JONAS18 (146 Kb)

Laila Kitzler Åhfeldt
3D scanning of Gotland picture stones with supplementary material: Digital catalogue of
3D data
KitzlerJONAS18 (416 Kb)

Ingunn Holm & Barbara M. Sageidet
Origin of the sandy terraces at Grundset, Elverum, south-eastern Norway: Evidence from
archaeological soil micromorphology

Holm&SageidetJONAS18 (338 Kb)