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Birgit Arrhenius
Gertrud Grenander Nyberg (1912-2013) in memoriam

ArrheniusJ15 (48 Kb)

Janken Myrdal
The perfect scythe - and other implements

MyrdalJ15 (189 Kb)

Ny Björn Gustafsson
On Norse padlocks - production and use: Examples from the Birka Garrison
GustafssonJ15 (182 Kb)

Milton núñez & Jari Okkonen
Humanizing of north Ostrobothnian landscapes during 4th and 3rd millennia BC

NunezOkkonenJ15 (689 Kb)

Ann-Marie Hansson
Buried plants: Fossil plant remains from two Early Medieval burial mounds in east-central Sweden

HanssonJ15 (677 Kb)

Barbara Maria Sageidet
Soil pollen analysis of a podsol and a clearance cairn confirms Bronze Age agriculture at Orstad, south-western Norway

SageidetJ15 (853 Kb)

Anders G. Nord, Henk Kars, Inga Ullén, Kate Tronner & Eva Kars
Deterioration of archaeological bone – a statistical approach

NordetalJ15 (154 Kb)

Kjell Persson
Archaeological prospecting – state of the art: A literature review

PerssonJ15 (68 Kb)

Ulf Bertilsson
Comments on “A conflict of opinions: Rock carvings in Sweden 2003”
by J. Coles

John Coles
Reply to Bertilsson

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