Cultural interaction between east and west. Archaeology, artefacts and human contacts in northern Europe

is a book of honour for Ingmar Jansson, lector of Archaeology at Stockholm University. Ingmar Jansson is one of the key people who has made a significant contribution towards creating opportunities for intellectual exchanges – exchanges of archaeologists, ideas and archaeological knowledge – between East and West. His efforts have opened up the channels of communication and knowledge across geographical borders, and created countless opportunities that would not otherwise have existed for both colleagues and students in Sweden and Eastern Europe.

Ingmar Janssons passion for the Viking Age and Eastern Europe is the theme that characterizes the publication. However, there are also articles that treat subjects such as Historical Archaeology, the History of Archaeology, the Stone Age, Old Norse language, scientific methods in archaeology, heritage management, numismatics and the relationship between archaeological relations and geopolitical changes. The book contains 57 articles by authors from 11 different countries. One of the great contributions of the book is that it contains a great variety of subjects and that new archaeological material and interpretations from Eastern and Western Europe. The Editorial Board is confident that this volume will inspire scholars to new studies, knowledge and discussions about Archaeology and Cultural interactions between east and west.