There were at least 13 mints within the medieval borders of Sweden (in addition Åbo/Turku in the finnish part of the realm). Stockholm, Kalmar, Lödöse, Nyköping, Sigtuna, Visby, and Västerås are named on the coins.
Jönköping, Skara, Skänninge, Söderköping, Uppsala and Örebro are known from written sources. From some of the mints remains from the minting has also been found.

During some periods it is not known which mints were active and it is also not always known for how long a mint was active. A number of maps show which mints were active during specific periods. Based on present knowledge the medieval minting commenced c. 1140/45 on Gotland (Visby?), c. 1150 at Lödöse, and c. 1180 at Sigtuna. The earlier minting at Sigtuna belongs to the Viking Age.