Viking age

The aim of the CNS-project is to publish all Viking-Age coins found in Sweden (c. 245,000). Eight volumes have been printed so far and cover Gotland (4), Skåne (2), Dalarna (1), and Östergötland (1). Blekinge will be published shortly. Future volumes will then only be published on the Internet. This work has already commenced.
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In a parallel series (Commentationes) eight volumes have been published and cover i.a. Scandinavian, German, English, and Byzantine coins. Several volumes are in preparation.

Middle Ages and Modern Times

Investigations including die analysises are in progress.


Databases cover c. 270,000 finds, individual coins etc. Viking-Age Islamic (88.000), German (48,000), and English (45,000) coins are the largest groups.


Basic information has been recorded for finds in Sweden of coins from the Roman Iron Age (mainly Roman denarii) 370
Migration period (Roman and Byzantine solidi) 800
Viking Age 2,850 (as well as 3,200 foreign finds)
Middle Ages 350 hoards
Modern times 800 hoards
Cumulative finds (mainly from churches, monasteries, towns etc.) 650

Image Archive

Some 42,700 coins have been photographed digitally. The Viking-Age (c. 19,000) and Middle Ages (c. 20,200) account for the main part, while the Modern period covers c. 3,600.