Pdf-files with listings of finds are available if you click on the name of a province. A common pdf-file with introduction, explanations, litterature etc. will be found under the heading "Common". This file will expand as more lists of finds will be made available.

"S" after a digit means that it is a supplement to an already printed volume. The supplementary volumes will contain revisions, additions and new finds. All specimens will be illustrated. As it is not possible to include to much information in each PDF, each volume can consist of a number of PDFs.

Blekinge 1. Bräkne-Hoby–Sölvesborg.
The PDF which is available here only covers the plates and not the attributions.

Blekinge 4.1S.5. Hjortsberga, Johannishus (Supplement)

Blekinge 4.1S.10. Mörrum, Norragården (Supplement)

Gotland 1S–9. Alva, Gandarve (Supplement)

Gotland 1S-11. Alva, Rangsarve (Supplement)

Gotland 1S-13E. Alva, Östris (Supplement)

Gotland 1S-14 Alva, Lilla Kruse (Supplement)

Gotland 3S-28 Eskelhem, Prästgården (Supplement)

Gotland 4S-1 Fardhem, Gerete (Supplement)

Gotland 46S. Fårö Par. Hammars (Supplement)

Gotland 42. Roma

Gotland 58. Vamlingbo

Skåne 2. Hammarlunda-Hörja