Jens Christian is 56 years old and graduated from the University of Copenhagen. He started his career working at museums in France and England before entering the staff of the National Museum of Copenhagen. He thus has hands-on experience in numismatics. He has largely worked on coin finds paying much attention to their archaeological context in his interpretations. His research has drawn extensively on the important potential of coins and coin finds as evidence for the economic, political and social affairs of the past.

In collaboration with the relevant partners in the field, Jens Christian plans to continue the important task since long undertaken by the Institute consisting in the publication of and research into the coin finds in Sweden. The Swedish finds from the Viking Age (numismaticly defined as the period 800-1150) are quite unique in the world. The number of finds (especially on Gotland, and in Scania…) combined with the excellent documentation of the finds is unparalleled elsewhere. There are currently more specimens in Sweden of German, English or Islamic coin types than in the homelands of the coins.

It is a pleasure to announce that professor Kenneth Jonsson will also remain active at the Institute as Emeritus.