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  • New article in The Conversation by Jens Christian Moesgaard 2021-03-16 In the autumn of 2020, I was contacted by the field archaeology unit of the Swedish National Historical Museums, who are also known as the Archaeologists. They were excavating at a Viking-age settlement at Viggbyholm just north of Stockholm. During routine metal detecting of the site, they had located a very exciting find: eight silver necklaces and other silver jewellery along with 12 coins, everything delicately wrapped up in a cloth and deposited in a pot. In other words, a genuine Viking silver hoard.
  • Rare coin identified in Viking Age hoard 2021-02-17 During the autumn of 2020, a silver hoard was found by the company Arkeologerna, part of the National Historical Museums, at a Viking Age farm in Viggbyholm, north of Stockholm. Jens Christian Moesgaard, professor of numismatics at Stockholm University, was contacted to help archaeologists identify the coins.
  • Jens Christian Moesgaard appointed as professor at the Stockholm Numismatic Institute 2020-02-10 On February 1 2020, Jens Christian Moesgaard started as professor at The Stockholm Numismatic Institute, Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies, Stockholm University. He is this the third professor at The Gunnar Ekström Chair of Numismatics and Monetary History since it was founded in 1979.


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