Anders G. Nord, Inga Ullén & Kate Tronner
Analysis of copper-alloy artefacts from the Viking Age

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Annemari Tranberg, Teija Alenius, Titta Kallio-Seppä, Philip I. Buckland,
Paul R. Mullins & Timo Ylimaunu

The Late Medieval Church and Graveyard at Ii Hamina, Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland: Pollen and macro remains from graves

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Teija Alanko & Kari Uotila
Gardening and consumption of plants in Naantali convent (SW Finland) before and after the Reformation

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Mirva Pääkkönen, Richard P. Evershed & Henrik Asplund
Compound-specific stable carbon isotope values of fatty acids in modern aquatic and terrestrial animals from the Baltic Sea and Finland as an aid to interpretations of the origins of organic residues preserved in archaeological pottery

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Review by Daniel Sahlén of
Roberts, B.W. & Thornton, C. (Eds.) 2014: Archaeometallurgy in Global Perspective – Methods and Syntheses. Springer: New York. 868 pp.

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