Gunilla Eriksson and Kerstin Lidén:

Mammalian stable isotope ecology in a Mesolithic lagoon at Skateholm

ErikssonLiden (324 Kb)

Jan Risberg, Lisbet Bengtsson, Britta Kihlstedt, Cecilia Lidström Holmberg, Michael Olausson, Eva Olsson and Carin Tingvall:

Siliceous microfossils, especially phytoliths, as recorded in five prehistoric sites in eastern middle Sweden

Risbergetal (5283 Kb)

Jan Risberg, Eva Myrdal-Runebjer and Urve Miller:

Sediment and soil characteristics and an evaluation of their applicability to the irrigation history in Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Risbergetal2 (599 Kb)

Ann-Marie Hansson and Liselotte Bergström:

Archaeobotany in prehistoric graves – concepts and methods

HanssonBergstrom (2266 Kb)

Anita Malmius:

Cremation grave textiles: Examples from Vendel upper class in the Vendel- and Viking Periods

Malmius (7759 Kb)

Anders Götherström:

The value of stallions and mares during the Early Medieval time in upper class Svealand: Molecular sex identifications on horse remains from Vendel and Eketorp

Gotherstrom (286 Kb)

Laila Kitzler Åhfeldt:

Individual variability in rune carving on rock: A comparison between individuals and workshops

Kitzlerahfeldt (2943 Kb)

Charlotte Hedenstierna-Jonson:

A group of Viking Age sword chapes reflecting the political geography of the time

Hedenstiernajonson (6419 Kb)

Review section

Klavs Randsborg reviews "Work and Worship: Laser Scanner Analysis of Viking Age Rune Stones" by Laila Kitzler Åhfeldt

review (62 Kb)