Classical Archaeology and Ancient History

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Målning från 1821 av E. Dodwell, Poseidon templet vid Sounion

Classical Archaeology and Ancient History

Classical Archaeology and Ancient History mainly focuses on the Greek and Roman cultures of the Mediterranean region and all areas that have ever been dependent on them. It runs chronologically from the early Stone Age to about 500 AD and comprises not only history but also religion, philosophy, literature and art. The archaeological record is also important in this connection. In short, the discipline studies all traces – material or spiritual – that people have left, and is accordingly very extensive and unique, in both a Swedish and an international context, with its special interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary focus. Certain parts of the courses and programmes take place at the Swedish Institutes in Rome and Athens, and students also have an opportunity to take part in excavation projects in Italy, Greece and Turkey.


Head of section
Lena Sjögren

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Lilla Frescativägen 7
114 18 Stockholm