Seminars CEK

CEK Seminars

With regular intervals the Centre for cultural evolution holds open seminars with invited researchers from different disciplines. These are the guidelines for the seminars:

  • The seminar ends at 14.30. Before that 20-30 minutes should be allowed for discussion.
  • The theme for the seminar is wide, and includes everything that can shed light on how culture of the human kind can arise, be maintained, and change. For this reason, speakers must be comprehensible and interesting for a general circle of researchers from different disciplines, and should be prepared to discuss assumptions, methodology, and results in relation to the general theme of the seminar.


Centre for the study of Cultural Evolution - CEK

Professor Magnus Enquist
Phone: +46 8-16 40 55

Visiting address:
Lilla Frescativägen 7
114 18 Stockholm

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Open seminars CEK