Contributions by the well-known researchers: Lynne Bennett, Ria Berg, Jesper Blid, Paola Catalano, Claudia Cecamore, Véronique Dasen, Flavio De Angelis, Janet DeLaine, Paola Germoni, Mary Harlow, Marja-Leena Hänninen, Sanna Joska, Arja Karivieri, Simon Keay, Anna Kjellström, Lena Larsson Lovén, Ray Laurence, Antonio Licordari, Michael MacKinnon, Cristina Martínez-Labarga, Marxiano Melotti, Cinzia Morelli, Katariina Mustakallio, Carlo Pavolini, Angelo Pellegrino, Birte Poulsen, Marina Prusac-Lindhagen, Olga Rickards, Paola Francesca Rossi, Olli Salomies, Heikki Solin, Christa Steinby, Pekka Tuomisto, Ghislaine van der Ploeg, Sara Varano, Ville Vuolanto, and Fausto Zevi. Foreword of the volume by Mariarosaria Barbera.

Rött bokomslag med titel och en romerskrelief på.

This volume is the result of the project "Segrerated or Integrated? - Living and Dying in the Harbour City of Ostia, 300 BCE- 700 CE," financed by the Academy of Finland and Tampere University (2015-2019), in collaboration with Parco Archeologico di Ostia Antica, Stockholm University (Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies), Soprintendenza Speciale Archeologia, Belle Arti e Paesaggio di Roma, and Centre of Molecular Anthropology for Ancient DNA Studies at the University of Rome "Tor Vergata", as well as University of Kent (School of European Culture and Languages) and Università Niccolò Cusano, Rome. This collaboration, including the Museum Centre Vapriikki at Tampere, Finland, Museo della Civiltà Romana at Rome and Museo Nazionale Romano, was also in the centre for the creation of the exhibition "Ostia, Gateway to Rome", now on display at Museum Centre Vapriikki until 10th January 2021. The volume includes also the catalogue of objects on display in the exhibition.

Life and Death in a Multicultural Harbour City: Ostia Antica from the Republic through Late Antiquity (Acta Instituti Romani Finlandiae, vol. 47), edited by Arja Karivieri, Rome: Institutum Romanum Finlandiae/ Edizioni Quasar, 2020. 602 pages.

The book is published online via The Finnish Institute in Rome.