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Postdoctoral fellows (3-5) with orientation toward environmental research in human science (humanities, law, social science) within Human Science Academic Area.
Closing date: 2018-08-01.

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Opening hours

Opening hours during the summer: 18 June -17 August 09.00-11.00


No new neighbours in Stone Age Siberia

Since the first people arrived in Siberia there was no major migratory events till at least the Iron Age. Instead, there is a continuity in the settlement-pattern that has yet not been detected in any other part of the world.

Samiska offerplatser

Recent study pushes back the time use of Sámi offering rituals

In the light of radiocarbon dated animals from 17 Sámi offering sites from Norway, Sweden and Finland the research group OSSO (Osteological Studies of Sámi Offerings), consisting of Anna-Kaisa Salmi and Tiina Äikäs from Oulu University, Marte Spangen from UiT - The Arctic University of Norway and Markus Fjellström from Stockholm University with contribution of Inga-Maria Mulk from Ájtte Mountain and Sámi Museum in Sweden are showing that offerings at Sámi offering sites were made already from the 6th century, with a long tradition of doing so as the latest offered animal is dated to the 20th century.

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