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Professorship in Archaeology

Professorship in Archaeology at the Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies. Closing date: 17 September 2018.

This is incipient Jōmon pottery from Hanamiyama site, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Cred

Luxury behind norms during the Stone Age

Already in Stone Age hunter-gatherer society the pursuit of luxury objects was great. Everything was not only about survival and adaptation to the environment and to a changing climate. This is evident in new research from an international research group with, among others, Stockholm University.

3D Image of Birka Dragonhead © Sven Kalmring, Lena Holmquist & Mikael Lundin

Dragonhead found in Birka's Black Earth Harbour can be linked to Viking Age ship figureheads

The ’Birka dragon’ is synonymous with the famous Viking Age town of that name, an association born from 1887 discovery of a casting mould depicting a dragonhead.

Linn Eikje Ramberg

The University Association's Dissertation Award to Linn Eikje Ramberg

Linn Eikje Ramberg, Dr Phil. in Archaeology, recieves the University Association prize for best doctoral disseration at the Faculty of Humanities.


No new neighbours in Stone Age Siberia

Since the first people arrived in Siberia there was no major migratory events till at least the Iron Age. Instead, there is a continuity in the settlement-pattern that has yet not been detected in any other part of the world.

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