Deep Time and how to Inherit Well

The aim of this workshop is to explore the concept of Deep Time and how to Inherit Well. This in relation to the Baltic Sea but also waters further away.

This part of the workshop deals with the establishment of a joint research strategy on the topics of Deep Time and Water. This means to focus on issues around how the Environmental Humanities and Science Studies may engage in joint projects around the Baltic Sea and beyond:

-deep time of waters

-issues around trade-offs between natural/cultural heritage

-inter- and intra-generational justice and care

-sacrificing, giving up and mourning lost worlds and lost waters

-hope and heritages connected through the Baltic Sea – and how to inherit these well

Earlier and planned workshops on the topic Deep Time and Waters have been run by the Edinburgh Environmental Humanities see and we will here join up with environmental humanities researchers from Stockholm, Edinburgh, Linköping and Gothenburg Universities.

Stockholm University, Wallenberglaboratory, Lilla Frescativägen 7

Morning 9-12

Room 334, Wallenberglaboratoriet,

Introduction with Kerstin, Aikaterini, Christina that gives the frame of the day

9-9.30 The Challenges of the Baltic Sea

Tina Elfwing from the Östersjö Centrum that set the scene with major challenges

9.30-45 Round-table:

What can the environmental humanities offer in relation to societal challenges. Each participant to give their contribution to framing what the environmental humanities is – in relation till environmental social and natural science for example.

9.45-10 Coffe

10-12 Short inspiratory lectures (open to max 25 participants)

-Michelle Bastian Edinburgh University. Sustaining Time, 30 min

-Cecilia Åsberg, Linköping University, Military Archives and Gotland Deep, 30 min

-Claudia Egerer, Stockholm University, Lost Waters 30 min

-Christina Fredengren, Stockholm University, Storying Water – from source to sea

Christina/Aikaterini/Kerstin to sum up

12-13 Lunch

Afternoon 13-17 (13-15 Room 334, 15-17 Room 435)

Workshop for invited group

Topics to discuss:

Themes, questions and priorities for future research applications

Research methods within the Citizens Humanities – what could it be?

Narrativity and Storytelling

Environmental participatory Mapping

Re-inventing survey work as Walkshops

Curating deep time